Farewell WordPress

I need to see other content platforms. It's not you. It's me. I've just moved on. It's better this way.

For those familliar with this site (all five of you) you know this site used to talk about WordPress, run on WordPress, link to WordPress plugins I built, maybe even praise WordPress or something.

Well, none of that is happening anymore. I've moved on to a point both personally and professionally where:

  1. WordPress has become overkill for a personal site.
  2. Writing and managing WordPress plugins is no longer enjoyable.
  3. The security issues and low code quality of WordPress prevent me from offering praise.
  4. I have things that I think are more interesting to talk about with whatever limited time I spend on my personal site.

So here we are. Since I'm starting clean, I didn't bother bringing any of WordPress' baggage (a.k.a. old posts) with me.

If you were looking for any of the previous chatter about Magento, you're not going to find any of that either.